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购买 Diamond Engrave Stylus for Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine
Diamond Engrave Stylus for Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine

Diamond Engrave Stylus for Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine

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  • 牌子HJ
  • 生产国中国
  • 钻石型Synthetic (lab created)
  • Stylus angle90-140 degree
  • Available brandHELL, MDC, OHIO, etc.

Diamond engraving styli for HELL/MDC/OHIO engravers are not only produced on sophisticated polishing benches, but during polishing, monitored by interference microscopy in order to secure the surface finish. The angles of each individual stylus are measured with an in-house developed 3D laser measuring device.Strict quality control ensures that the products are manufactured to meet or exceed the required specifications.


1. One way/can be resharpable

2. High speed(without wing)/low speed(with wing)

3. Stylus angle: 90-140 degree

4. Available brand: HELL, MDC, OHIO, etc.

5. PISA Stylus for all models

6. Provide re-sharpening service(repair)


Angles numbers:

110°, 115°, 120°, 125°, 130°, 135°, 140°



The stylus can use for

Hell engraving machine kinds like K303. K304, K405, K5, K50, K500.

Daetwyler engraving machine kinds like 11, 12, 21c, 21ck etc and new generation 1315, 2215, 3625

Ohio engraving machine kinds like 720, 820,


1. Working principle for engraving styli

Engraving styli are used for incising the precise apertures on copperplate, the operating frequency is 8000 Hz (ie, up to 8000 apertures per second), various angles of the diamonds are available for diverse using demand.

Our professional technicians and quality manage system obtains the minimum tolerance and high precision.

2. Using caution and cleaning for engraving styli

As we all know, diamond possesses the best hardness but poor roughness, so please do not tough the tip with your finger or textile fabrics, for even a slight touch would damage the tip and lead to an inefficient stylus. The pyramid would explicate all.

A stone made pyramid would keep a certain structure since one above another, the above press won’t destroy this structure, however, crosswise, a comparatively little force will ruin the whole structure.

When engrave with an engraving stylus, the strength is mainly on its tip (just like the tip of a pyramid),so it is affordable. However, you touch the tip with your finger, it is more or less like uncontrollable force to the unstable pyramid, then lead to a partial tip damage.Cleaning with compress container would lead to same aftermath, if a hard grit or even dust drops on stylus’s tip with a high speed, the stylus will get damaged.Furthermore, compress air would probably blow the copper scrap into the gravure system, which also influences a stylus’ life.

3. How to clean the diamond of the stylus

Usually, we are not allowed to touch the diamond of the stylus, instead, we use HELL set-up system to set up or remove the stylus, in this way, you may avoid to touch the diamond.You’re allowed to clean the diamond after you make sure it necessary with microscope examination. By the way, the vacuum drawer of the HELL machine is available for copper pile.

Diamond Engrave Stylus for Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine
Diamond Engrave Stylus for Gravure Cylinder Engraving Machine
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